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You Are Beautiful

The You are Beautiful Project believes that young girls and women are under increasing pressure from the media to look a certain way. Eating disorders, self-harming and a lack of confidence in young women indicates an unhealthy lifestyle underpinned by the glorification of stereotypes in the media. The most extreme cases result in prolonged bullying and suicide.

We believe that schools have an obligation to improve the situation, which is why the chief editor Vivian Moyo is working to reach out to every school in the greater London area.Speeches and support classes geared towards embracing beauty on the inside and perpetuating sentiments of anti-bullying represent the nucleus of our efforts in supporting young women aged 10 – 17. A recent survey at a London girls’ school revealed that 95% of pupils regarded themselves as unattractive in one way or another.

Since the explosion of rock and roll and the emergence of teen culture, celebrities have played a major role in young people’s lives. But today’s unattainable standards of beauty in the media have insidiously encroached on young women’s childhood.

‘You are Beautiful’ campaign aim is to help reconnect young girls with themselves and to embrace the beauty they and others were born with. Non-airbrushed images, models of a ranging body type and endorsement of natural health and beauty techniques are to be set against the edited photographs, size zero models and the artificial product line advertised by the mainstream media. These will be the hallmarks of our publication.

Our work goes beyond the articles. Our chief editor, Vivian Moyo frequently visits London schools to engage young women in workshops and discussion groups. By practically supporting the women of tomorrow and telling them they are beautiful, You are Beautiful Project is contributing to local London communities. For more information regarding our project, please send us an email at team@youarebeautifulproject.co.uk


The students quickly came to realize that most of the photographs had been enhanced and that celebrities looked nothing like the photograph in their everyday lives. The students came to realize that beauty comes in a variety of forms and they acknowledged that beauty comes within. 


Karen Oliver – Deputy Head, Oasis Academy Shirley Park


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We take the message right where our girls are - This means we engage them in schools. on social media and through our magazine.


We regularly hold seminars and talks at various schools throughout the London area and beyond. We are keen to hear from schools located further afield.


We publish our own project magazine to compliment the activities we run in schools and on social media. The magazine talks about beauty from a refreshingly new perspective.


We make extensive use of our social media presence. We provide information on beauty that would help shape perceptions of beauty.

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