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Work Shops- You are Beautiful

Workshops- You are Beautiful

‘You are Beautiful Project’ has been a huge success at Oasis Shirley Park. Every female student from years 7 – 10 took part over several days, each attending a 50-minute session. The aim of the project was to enable young women to change their perception of beauty publicized in the media today. Part of the sessions used before and after photographs of famous women in the media. The students quickly came to realize that most of the photographs had been enhanced and that celebrities looked nothing like the photograph in their everyday lives. The students came to realize that beauty comes in a variety of forms and they acknowledged that beauty comes within. The project helped to educate our students.

Comments from student included-

‘The workshop really increased my confidence in what I look like’,

‘They said everyone is beautiful and this has really helped me see myself differently’,

‘This project made me feel better about myself’,

‘This project made me realize how much compliments can affect people and increase their self-confidence’,

‘I found this project inspiring and it made me feel better about myself’,

‘I found this project extremely useful and it made me feel better about myself’,

‘This project was really good because it made me feel beautiful’,

‘ Loved this project, it was amazing’,

‘ L learned not to call people ugly’,

‘This project showed me that it is ok to love yourself and what other people say doesn’t matter’,

‘This project inspired me

‘This project was amazing, it really boosted my confidence’,

‘This project taught me that we are all beautiful and we are all special in different ways’.

We are in no doubt that this project had a positive impact on our student’s self-esteem and confidence. We have no hesitation in recommending this project to other schools and academies.By  Karen Oliver -Deputy Head, Oasis Academy Shirley Park

We are confident that your school would benefit from our workshops and we would like to offer a free trial session. If you are interested, please contact Vivian the Founder of the project



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